VFA values the Life of your Vehicles & Machinery.
We want you to get the best Life out of your Asset.
Quality Maintenance & Custom Repairs , Starts at Verellen Farm And Auto ...for all your Heavy Duty ,Automotive, & Classic Vehicles.
We do the Job Right the First Time !
Open M-F- 8am- 5pm

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A New VFA Sign! We thought it was time to replace our old dilapidated Sign with a much needed update with Our New Logo & Mopar colours ! What do you think?

Very Important to get your vehicle Serviced Regularly by a Qualified Licenced Technician you can Trust.
By allowing Technicians to do Regular Oil Changes we can also Monitor, Analyze, Spec out Tolerances, Recommend Maintenance and Issues that may have been overlooked other wise. This video belo...

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Hot Weather : Part 6
3.Check your ENGINE FAN to make sure it’s in good shape and coming on when it needs to.
4. BELTS & HOSES- to make sure it isn’t worn or slipping,cracked , frayed or leaking.
5. CABIN AIR FILTER - Changing your Air Filters will boost A/C efficiency, Remove Dust, Pollen, M...

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Part 4
1500 character capacity per post, so I'm breaking it down , sorry for the multiple parts.
Lower performance can be a drag, but the effects of OVERHEATING pose much more serious risks. To help your engine combat the summer sun, Here are 5 things to always make certain:
1.OIL CHANGE at re...

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Hot Weather-
Part 3
It’s Hot Out- Turn That A/C On! But at what Costs...
A/C use rises in the summer, it also eats into performance. A/C runs on an engine-driven belt, requiring direct power from the engine and adding an extra load. It’s convenient enough that most of us are willing to forgive th...

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2 months ago
Great service. Good people.
- Kevin J
6 months ago
I really appreciate the exceptional service of the Verellen Family. They always support their community and you can absolutely trust them to be fair and honest with their quotes.
- Collin P
a year ago
I am a licenced mechanic who works at this shop. We are a family owned and operated buissness. We refused to work on dave waghorns vehicle as he would not allow us to fix it correctly and safe. I have morals. If he kills someone and or himself on the road I'm not responsible. If you want your vehicle fixed the right way you know where to come. Good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good.
- Jacob V

About us

In 1994 Dan and Jen Verellen started a family orientated Country Style Quality Fully Licenced Automotive Heavy Duty Diesel Repair Facility MTO Licenced Repair Shop.
It was nothing for the Verellen Family Siblings to be out in the shop til early morning hours, tinking, designing, and mechanically repairing absolutely anything- from a push mower lawnmower running on moonshine, Rebuilding Airplanes, Fabricating for a Fabrication shop in Blenheim, Ontario, Drag Trucks and Cars, Motor-Cross but Dan’s passion for Dodge Charger’s were empathized at the age of 13, when his parents told him to sell his First Used Vehicle , 69 Dodge Charger (they were afraid he would kill himself) so he bought a Race Bike. A Severe Dirt Bike Accident left him in a Coma with a Head Injury , he quickly moved Back onto HP and Torque. At 18 we made a Custom made Jabbet( a mating of a 84 Jetta Diesel with 79 rabbit front end , giving a peppy paint job with colours picked out by Jen (Cranapple red with Metallic flakes and a pink stripe down the side like the Mopar 1968 Dodge Challenger T/A she always dreamed of. Dan being the 3rd in a 5 person family band, found his mechanical aspiration at a young age of 3 always fixing broken toys , Managing on the Farm- Sow to finishing Pigs/Crops while Dad was off Flying for Various Businesses .Dan Apprenticed/Licenced at a Ford Dealership, Moving on to working at Navistar as a Certified Back Shop Heavy Duty Mechanic overseeing and repairing daily engineering problems on Semi-Trucks before they go out to dealerships.
Dan & Jen are high school sweet hearts and are inseparable, Destiny brought them together. Married in 1988 , Dan 18 Jen 16. . We work together, play together, 24/7 we are each other’s best friend, Dan is Jen’s World and vise versa. How many people after 30 years marriage and working together everyday can say this!
In 1990 , we had our first Service Technician, by age 3 Josh had already mastered Soldering and a 50cc Dirt Bike , 1992 We welcomed Jacob , our Licenced Heavy Duty Specialist.
Did we think our children would come work for the family business? No, just hoping. We did not want to deter them in finding themselves, and the dreams and accomplishments they want out of life. No REgrets!
Tools are bank draining - All vehicles require at least One specialized tool that costs as much as the car itself. Specializing in one vehicle is commendable , specializing in all the vehicles, some say are crazy, but We tackle the tough jobs. to do the job correctly ,, you have to have the skill, knowledge and tools to do a professional job efficiently.
Peoples perspectives, values . We all have different opinions, find a repair shop/customers that works with you.
We personally don’t like piecing parts together, (snowball effect) it’s a bad business practice. We do the job correctly, not cheaply. It’s our Name that will be tarnished! not the fact that we saved you 100$ in repairs. If it’s done right no complaining and I don’t see you again for the same issue. Your Happy, I’m Happy. Do the Job Right!
We are the Dependable Reliable/ Trust Worthy Repair Shop of the Future
We offer a Full Service Repair Shop for gas and Diesel Engines, Vehicles & Equipment.
Includes but not limited too: MTO Inspections, Maintenance, Service, Parts and Repair.
We carry a full line of all your Favourite Performance, Racing , Auto and Heavy Duty Parts, as well as Everyday Essentials for the Do It Yourself ‘s or have one of our Knowledgeable Certified Licenced Technicians do the work for you.
For 25 Years Dan and Jen have built a beautiful community based Repair shop. We value our Relationship with our Clients and strive for them all to be able to Learn and accept Knowledge, Act on that knowledge to make a informed and Safe Decision.

We tell you the Truth, sometimes it’s a hard swallow, but in the end Knowledge is Power! You the owner need to be informed of the potential problems, No sugar Coating here!
We are not in the business to piece your vehicle together. We do the job right the first time. We don’t cut corners, Morals, Quality, Integrity, Knowledge = Good Work
Cheap Work isn’t good .
Good Work is not Cheap.
We are professionals, let us handle the work.
Here at Verellen Farm and Auto, Safety is our Main Concern.
Having a Reliable Vehicle, that performs, Safe to Drive for all on the road and your family.
Studies show that a well Maintained Vehicle Last Longer, More Reliable and has a better Resale Value.
We Offer, Diagnostics, Service, Repair, Air Conditioning, Domestic, Foreign, Diesels, Farm Equipment, Custom Welding & Fabrication & Restoration!
From Oil Changes to Full Restorations we can do it all!
Grain Buggy, Implement, Tomato Wagons, etc. Welding Modifying or Design
Custom Tow Hitch
Sale & Install Performance Parts, Lift Kits, Fender Flares, Tuners, Exhaust, Tires
Fleets Welcome!

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